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RALIAI Cluster: A group of common interests for

RAILAI Cluster is a common interest group that brings together innovation actors and stakeholders from the innovative Algerian entrepreneurial environment, who collaborate in order to consolidate, dynamize this ecosystem and defend its interests. Being inclusive and open, it aims to bring together entrepreneurs, business incubators, accelerators, public and private institutions, innovative companies, research centers and capital investors.
Mission & Vision

Our missions and vision for

RALIAI Cluster is commited to promote the rising and success of startups in Algeria, and to position the country as a regional and continental hub.

The purpose of the RALIAI Cluster:

This initiative is based on a simple observation:On one hand is the necessity to gather our ecosystem, to have a common representation and to promote the collaboration between different business actors. And on the other hand, the desire to work together on a cross-cutting issues for every business actor, which is essential to the emergence and rising of an economic, legal and fiscal environment favorable to high growth potential startups and to the innovation actors. It is a crucial stake for Algeria, to bring out its talents through technology and innovation in the service of economic and social development.
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Joining RALIAI network will allow you to participate into the influence of the startups culture. Share with us the experience of an innovative entrepreneurship world, spread knowledge and skills, and bring out new learning tools and solutions… Let’s build our future!

Main objectives of Raliai

The objective is the target that suits our inner values, and that we are committed to pursuit our efforts and constantly focus to achieve.

Connect actors of the ecosystem together

Improve the interactions between various actors of the ecosystem and cooperate to implement coordinated actions.

Enhance collaboration

Promote and simplify the collaboration between founded companies, public institutions and startups.

Facilitate access to information

Smooth the access to information and quantified data for both entrepreneurs and public and private institutions interested in the entrepreneurship environment.

Contribute to regulatory framework adjustment

Facilitate and encourage the investment in startups through the adjustment of convenient regulations and legal frameworks.

Meet our expert team

Our members are entrepreneurs, support structures, innovation departments for large groups, public and private institutions who work on entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as lawyers and financial/funders to support the ecosystem and its entrepreneurs.

Seminars and Debates


What they think about RALIAI?

RALIAI gives a new shape for the innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem in Algeria. During all the steps of the life cycle of an innovative Algerian company (idea, creation, development and growth), RALIAI ensures its continuity by constantly providing it action.”

Karim Brouri

CEO, Brenco E&C

Being grouped around the same values of sharing, sincerity and good will is very pleasant and joyful within the RALIAI group. It is a place where we get strength and perseverance in creating a powerful and resilient entrepreneurship ecosystem and innovation in our beautiful country.”

Raliai is an amazing network with truly credible and solid talents. From this incubation & innovation “hub”, you will find all what you need to step up to your next entrepreneurial adventure. Advisory, think tanks, financing structuring, business planning… I am proud and honored to be part of this incredible project

The RALIAI organization has allowed me to discover some incredibly competent and sincere compatriots from both the domestic and the diaspora communities of Algerians, with a very diverse and complementary set of backgrounds. I know I could never have found these people by myself, let alone build with them the level of bonding and trust that I now feel towards the members of RALIAI. I am now much more optimistic and confident that through RALIAI and together we can bring some real positive contribution to the emergence of a modern economy in Algeria; one that is freed from the hydrocarbon dependency and that is solidly founded on innovation and free entrepreneurship in the Knowledge and Information Era.

RALIAI team has managed in a relatively short space of time to attract, connect talent across the globe. The intellectual space created is inspiring and forward looking to exchange and forge meaningful professional relationships at all levels and cross generations for a sustainable and competitive ecosystem!

The strength of an ecosystem is within the diversity and cohesion shown between its different members. The RALIAI team brings together a growing number of main actors of the Algerian ecosystem who work for the rising and development of startups in the country.

RALIAI is a network that gathers innovation professionals who are commited to connect all the actors of the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem. It is a main link that fill up the innovation chain, with its members who work on mature innovative projetcs, as well as on the creation and developments of startups. RALIAI plays a main role in the implementation of a convenient ecosystem and in the development of

RALIAI has succeeded to position itself as performant entrepreneurial micro ecosystem in record time, with the diversity and the nature of its actors and their inner interactions, as well as the various components of the Algerian entrepreneurial ecosystem of innovation. Its strength lies into the team that share common human and professional values, and succeeded to attract and connect local, Diaspora and international talents through its seriousness and perseverance. This teams allows to the RALIAI Cluster to become a proposal and support strength in the innovation field.

A collective intelligence to create wealth through innovation… Here is a slogan that should leas every one of us! Well done RALIAI, who is working for the emergence of economy of knowledge, a sustainable economy!

Building a startup ecosystem is both a marathon and a sprint. For both, the number one pre -requisite is a critical mass of entrepreneurs working together towards a win-win model. Makes one run longer and faster. It is exactly what such initiatives help achieving, and hence shall definitely be encouraged..

Noureddine Tayebi

CEO & Co-founder Yassir

The key to success of an ecosystem is to build a network of major stakeholders that work interdependently towards the same goal. In a very short time Raliai has been able to build such an ecosystem that federates not only incubators but also and more importantly entrepreneurs and innovators while connecting them to the main stakeholders in both the public and private sectors. This exponential achievement is just the beginning of the up curve that I’m sure will continue to increase


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